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Contemporary Kitchens Nottingham, Derby, Leicester

Here at Easy Kitchen Furniture, we offer the finest kitchens in the East Midlands, because we care - we offer Quality by Design. In our Contemporary kitchens we utilise materials such as stainless steel, glass and lacquer; however, will not pressure you into choosing anything that you are not totally happy with. Yes, we will advise you, but that is all we will do, our professional designers have the knowledge and the experience of a great many years in the kitchen design industry, and are always open to alternative thoughts.

A contemporary kitchen can be a fabulous addition to any modern home, in particular if you're looking for sophistication and sleek lines, so you can be able to both cook and entertain/dine in the most stunning of ambience.

We all know, especially at Easy Kitchen Furniture that a kitchen is more than just somewhere to prepare and cook a meal - it is progressively more a living and working area as well as a dining space. We always ensure that we fully understand your wants and needs and our resourcefulness means that you can attain the best layout for the space in question. That's where our team of fully qualified kitchen designers come in, what they don't know about kitchen design isn't worth knowing. We are totally different to our competitors in that all our kitchens are bespoke - not bog standard cupboard sizes, we design and build our units to fit your space, not everyone else's. Therefore, your kitchen design will be totally bespoke and unique, with no compromising!

If you decide on the correct contemporary design that you like, you can be absolutely certain that it will never go out of date, and will be a fabulous addition to your home, where you will be able to confidently cook and dine/entertain with the best of them!

We have an enormous range of contemporary kitchens on offer where you can choose from kitchen units, accessories, appliances and worktops in order to create that perfect contemporary kitchen which will be unique to you, and are very easily distinguishable from their traditional equivalents, by being totally focussed on a fuss-free, almost clinical, look as opposed to a rustic look. Contemporary kitchens can be recognized by their high-gloss units, modern work surfaces, advanced appliances and often, no obvious handles. This is why they have become so popular in recent times; their focal point is being without untidiness plus putting out of sight anything that is not needed straight away, to be the first choice for the smaller apartment of the day which are designed to be minimalist.

One of the main constituents of a contemporary kitchen is the high-gloss units which reflect light and can create the illusion of space. Your worktops (which we also can provide) should if at all possible, be as polished as possible and kept free from any untidiness.

The more that your appliances are technologically advanced, the better they are in a contemporary kitchen, and modern manufacturers are improving appliances daily in offering enormous numbers of features and functions, and you can choose from a vast range of appliances that will fit well with your contemporary kitchen, and are also available from Easy Kitchen Furniture, as it makes sense to purchase everything you will need in one place, instead of having to visit several different outlets, and also will save you money too!

Large island units can feel at home in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, but even more striking in a modern kitchen as a focal point, with, perhaps, a very shiny work surface and a dazzling sink unit, with a big pendant lighting fixture above; which brings us to lighting. Contemporary kitchens can set themselves apart by the use of recessed lighting both above worktops and in the ceiling and pendant lighting over dining areas.