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Kitchen Appliances & Accessories, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester

Every kitchen needs domestic appliances, and here at Easy Kitchen Furniture is your one stop shop for all you need to realise your ideal kitchen. Now, as your new kitchen is free to be designed how you would like it to be, you would be best to have all your appliances integrated, so they are hidden when not in use, we can advise you on that matter.

Let's begin with a cooker; you will more than likely need an oven, a hob and you may even want a grill. There are a lot of Combination Microwave Ovens in the marketplace, which would allow you to perform any kind of cooking if you didn't want a large cooker installing - the choice is yours, if unsure, have a chat with one of professional kitchen designers, who will give you sound advice. You may not have enough space for a large cooker, so the microwave option would be just the thing for you. On the other hand, if you intend to do lots of entertaining, or have a large family, then, if there's room in your new kitchen, go for a cooker, with oven and grill and gas or electric hob. For the oven side, you are not limited to an electric oven; gas ovens are also available, as some people prefer the ease of control with gas. Dual fuel and LPG Gas are other possible options you may wish to look at, our designers will, once again, advise you. Don't forget the cooker hood, to remove the cooking smells so they don't intrude into other parts of your home. You will undoubtedly wish for a fridge/freezer, and there again, we can offer you a huge range to choose from.

We now move on to a washing machine, if you don't have one installed in a room set aside for washing (which would be the best option, as a tumble dryer could either be combined with the washer or separate), but let's assume you don't have separate laundry facilities, so the washer/dryer would have to be integrated into the kitchen. Once again, our experienced kitchen designers are on hand to advise you on what to choose - we stock every major brand, so the choice is really down to what it is you really prefer.

Most modern kitchens have dishwashers, as they are so much better than having to tackle the washing up during the cooking and after everyone has eaten, and the new models are cheap to run, and probably use less water (especially if you're on a water meter) than constantly changing the water in the kitchen sink.

Speaking of kitchen sinks - we stock every kind of kitchen sink, either in stainless steel, granite or ceramic - single, double or one and a half - undermount or low profile; the choice is huge, and don't forget the taps - mixer or two taps. You may even wish for a waste disposal unit built in plus other accessories - we will advise you.

Kitchen Accessories, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester

Kitchen accessories are many and varied, from chopping boards which fit over your kitchen sink, through drainers and strainers, baskets, soap dispensers, colanders, tap filters (an absolute must if you live in a hard water area, as with a tap filter flitted, you will never have to purchase anti-calcium tablets again), built-in waste bin, etc.

The list can be as long or short as you wish, but if you are unsure, chat with one of our kitchen designers, who will explain to you everything you want to know.

We have large stocks of everything you will ever require in your new bespoke kitchen, and, as you will be buying direct from us, you won't have the bind of having to trail around from shop to shop choosing what you want, nor will you have the expense that that entails, plus you will save money by purchasing from us as we have all you will ever require for your kitchen, all in one place, thus saving yourself unnecessary extra expense.